Cheryl Mignone

The Founder of Parent Support Network and Certified Parent Coach

I am a mom of two teenage boys, a wife of 18 years to my engineer husband, a business woman, and I have a soft spot for families like mine. I now know that the relationship between parents and children is more important than anything else.

There was a time when I was sure if my son could have left us and never come back, he would have. As a mother, there is only one thing more painful than that and just like the quote from the movie Beautiful Boy, I was at the point where “I just didn’t want him to die.”

I love my children and I refused to give up even though I felt like one of them was ruining his future and killing me in the process. When you start to fear for your child’s life, you have entered another stratosphere. I wasn’t going to watch this happen to him or to us. Enter the world of wilderness/residential treatment.

I have never been so scared in my life, and to be honest there was no support network for me at that time. It was hard, really hard, like crying on the shower floor hard. I vowed that if I survived this ordeal I would figure out a way to make sure that the parents who followed me never had to experience the pain I did.

I took all my business skills from working over 25 years in various roles in non-profits and universities and combined them with all my experiences over the last few years. I found my true calling, empowering, supporting, and guiding, parents of struggling teens in treatment. Coaching a parent through wilderness/residential requires empathy, vulnerability, understanding, and a no-judgment zone. This is what parents find when working with PSN.

Yes, I have several degrees, and a certification in coaching, but that isn’t what makes PSN special. What makes PSN extraordinary is the fact that I have walked the walked, and at times even crawled, so I know what you are going through. I know the pain, heartache, and disappointment you are feeling as you see your child struggle. I understand and identify with where you are right now.

YOU ARE NOT ALONE ON THIS JOURNEY. PSN is here to support you. Look around the  website, read my blog, and if you would like to talk about any of the services I offer, contact me for a Complimentary Consultation.

Hang in there.