Parent Coaching

The goal of a Parent Coach is to enhance and improve outcomes for parents with struggling children. This is accomplished through support, guidance and instruction provided to the parents to understand and deal with their struggling teen.  Families engage PSN in a variety or combination of ways. Parents may have issues at home they can’t seem to tackle, and others might be looking for guidance and information on residential treatment, addiction services, or counseling. Coaching is tailored to the clients’ desires.

It is the day-to-day uncertainties that make many parents feel unsettled while their child is away. Often, little things at an everyday level cause us to question our decisions. Our role is to work with you through these uncertain times and coach you on to the next level so that you, the parent, are working as hard as your child on this transformation of the relationship. Relationships require hard work, your commitment to do some hard work increases the likelihood of success within the relationship. We will help you address the core issues that you identify in order to work toward a healthier and more satisfying relationship within your family.

Coaching is not limited to physical location as often it is done via zoom or telephone sessions. This works out well for many clients because the best coach may not be near enough for you to travel.