What parents are saying about PSN

Katherine- California Cheryl, thanks to thanks to your fierce insight, deep experience and direct communication, you helped us see things about our family dynamics that we were missing. It’s so helpful to have a calm, compassionate, and curiously inquisitive voice during times that are so fraught with anxiety. Thank you.

Kathy – Canada My son spent four months in wilderness followed by 11 months in a residential treatment center, followed by another year at a boarding school. Throughout this journey, Cheryl has been an amazing source of support and guidance for me. She helped me through an incredibly challenging time by providing a calm voice of reason and most of all, an understanding that can only come from having lived through a similar experience. I would recommend anyone looking for help during difficult transition times to contact Cheryl.

Craig – Tennessee I don’t believe I am saying this but our son is graduating Catalyst.  Thank you for all your support during this time.  It’s been the most difficult year of my life.  I admire you for being a lifeline for so many people. I could just barely live day to day. I’m grateful for you.    

Bettina – New York I am approaching almost a year that my son has been home from residential treatment and things are going well.  I would not have gotten through this time without your emotional support and guidance; I cannot thank you enough. There were so many times I wanted to fall apart but you some how found a way to turn me around and feel encouraged.   Your continued support since he has been home has pushed me through many hurdles.  I admire for your patience, kindness, and knowledge.  THANK YOU!

Marla – Missouri When I met Cheryl I was at a low. My son was at Residential treatment for two weeks when they held “Parent weekend.” We were not permitted to visit yet. I had not met her in person, but a message said it all.  This came to me through my Facebook messenger- Marla, I know you cannot visit for parent weekend, but I met your son “B” and he is doing well. He came over and hung out with me. We talked. He is a great kid! How did she know I was freaking out and needed a sign?  That’s Cheryl!  After we met, I knew this was a sisterhood.  Now, Cheryl is my dear friend for life! Through the past two years, she has been my rock. I know that Cheryl is destined to be a support for parents going through difficult decisions on placing their child in program and a continued resource for how to navigate this journey. She is honest, rational, and capable; always a voice of reason.  As you ride out this very difficult road, always know that there are warriors who have been there, people to hold you up and keep you from crumbling. Cheryl is that person. She makes everyone feel that way. Very grateful!

Megan- Indiana Cheryl is a wonderful resource to help one navigate different paths that some must take to help their child. Not only is she very knowledgeable, she is a great listener. She doesn’t sugar coat things, which I appreciated. I needed help, guidance, and clarity when it came to making a placement choice for my son, and she delivered.  I highly recommend working with Cheryl.

Stacy -Colorado When I met Cheryl, I knew I’d found a kindred spirit. Her openness, vulnerability, and humor won my heart and she made me feel validated and understood. She is someone who has been there and really “gets it.” She has a remarkable ability to open your eyes to an alternative way of looking at a situation, and does so in a way that feels supportive and loving. I can’t imagine a better person to guide parents through the heartbreaking process of deciding to send a child to wilderness or residential treatment. She will also be an invaluable resource to any family navigating the incredible journey that comes after making that decision. 

Paul- Massachusetts I feel so fortunate to have lucked into meeting you when I was in desperate need of support and feeling very much alone in our struggle.  Coincidentally, my son and yours were roommates at the same treatment center!  From the first phone call we shared, you provided the support, knowledge, and affirmation—all with a sense of humor–that helped me keep perspective and make it through each stage of this emotional roller-coaster. It is so hard to put into words all that you did for our family and to express the gratitude we feel for you coming into our lives at a time when we needed help more than ever.  I cherish our friendship and hope one day to offer the same encouragement and guidance you gave to me to other parents of struggling kids.  Keep doing what you’re doing!  You’re a life saver!

Eileen- Connecticut Cheryl has been an invaluable resource for me.  She has worked very hard throughout this process and it shows.  Her ability to see the core underlying issues is incredible and eye opening.  As a parent and now certified parent coach, she understands what you are going through and offers insight and guidance without judgement and with incredible warmth. 

Marcia- Texas I met Cheryl when I was looking for a RTC for my son.  I had an Educational Consultant but needed a friend to speak with.  We met through a parent group.  I loved what Cheryl had to say, what she posted, and how she responded to other’s posts, so I contacted her.  She was straight-forward yet empathetic, honest yet reassuring.  Cheryl was the calm in my storm.  She has a way of talking to me that makes me realize I am stronger than I think I am.  Cheryl helped me believe in myself at a time when I felt like my world was crumbling.  I feel Cheryl has helped make me a better parent and more confident in this process I call “teenagehood”.

Jill- California The first time I met Cheryl was at our first Family Days at ours sons RTC last year. Talking to her over those few days, I learned I’ve been able to trust her with everything that has been coming up — I count on her coming right back with what I needed to hear in that moment. I’ve learned staying connected to her and her web page helps me keep my perspective, and I am grateful to know Cheryl is only a text message or phone call away from me to hearing helpful, kind, and encouraging words … no matter what day it is turning out to be. 

Ruth- California     Cheryl has been there for me countless times as our family made the journey through residential treatment.   As a parent from the same RTC she provided tireless support, offering words of wisdom on how to let go of our son, how to support our son, how to survive the separation from our son, and ultimately how to best transition him home. She’s been there and has truly embraced the parallel process.  She has a warm heart and sees the good in struggling kids and their parents. She has turned her own family’s struggle into positive outreach for other families who unexpectedly find themselves on this scary and often disheartening path. Her support is inspiring and empowering – essential as you make the journey.