These are only a few of the websites that I engaged with when I started the process of finding help for our son. As you can see, it quickly becomes overwhelming. I encourage all potential clients to do as much research on their own prior to calling me.

ADDitude-Inside the ADHD Brain– quarterly consumer publication about attention deficit hyperactivity disorder created and distributed by New Hope Media in New York, NY. It contains feature and service articles about ADD, ADHD and learning disabilities like dyslexia.

Child Mind Institute-The Child Mind Institute is an independent, national nonprofit dedicated to transforming the lives of children and families struggling with mental health and learning disorders.

OBH (Outdoor Behavioral Health Council)- The Outdoor Behavioral Healthcare Council was founded in 1996 when representatives from a handful of wilderness treatment programs joined to collaborate and to share best practices.

NATSAP (National Association of Therapeutic Schools and Programs)-created in January of 1999 to serve as a national resource for programs and professionals assisting young people beleaguered by emotional and behavioral difficulties. The Association is governed by an elected, volunteer Board of Directors comprised of representatives from the NATSAP membership.

ICEA (Independent Educational Consultants Association)-the hallmark of an IECA member consultant is an extensive knowledge of schools, colleges, and special programs and the ability to match the client to the most appropriate program.

All Kinds of Therapy-a directory of programs that can be compared. Note that programs do pay a fee to be listed on this site. The comparison is helpful, but not complete.